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The Foot Parlour 

Manchester's Premier Chiropody, Podiatry And Holistic Treatment Centre

Founded in 1999 offering chiropody treatment, we have grown into a medical and holistic centre offering chiropody, colonic hydrotherapy, ultrasonic liposuction and sports injury massage.

Our principle is to offer the very best treatments and advice in each field, educating our Clients in how to look after their feet and general health.










Our podiatrists are all Health And Care Professions Council (HCPC) registered and all are qualified to deal with any foot ailment from a simple corn to full nail surgery.

Our hygienic cubicles are fitted with a footbath to soften your nails and skin before starting your treatment.

Our comfortable, relaxing fully adjustable chairs will make you feel at ease and relaxed while we pamper your feet. We can treat your cracked heels and problematic ingrowing toenails.

We can also treat verrucae. This is a viral infection so we cannot kill it, however we can provide some relief of the symptoms and offer advice on various treatments to alleviate the symptoms.

Following your treatment you will feel like you are walking on air!!


Colonic Hydrotherapy

Since 2010 we have been providing Colonic Hydrotherapy.

Having qualified at the R.I.C.T.A.T school of colonic hydrotherapy, our therapists offer not just the treatment but thorough education on your digestive system and how to achieve and maintain best performance from your digestive tract.

Issues such as bloatedness, constipation, constant diarrhea, IBS symptoms will all be explained and remedied for you.

Of course we can do the 20%, your new knowledge and understanding will enable you to do the 80%!

The treatment doesn’t hurt and is both hygienic and hassle free.

Usually it will take 2 to 3 sessions to clear you down and then you will feel amazing and your body will be reset. This is all dependent on age and lifestyle and medical history.

After that your body will tell you when you need your next one as you will recognise the change in how you feel.

Take back control of your life!


Ultrasonic Liposuction

Since 2011 we have offered noninvasive lipo.

Using a series of non-harmful lasers, we gently warm the fat then dissolve the fat.

The fat then moves through your lymphatic drainage system in to your liver and then into the colon for disposal.

Although not mandatory, we do suggest the colonic afterwards to clear the dissolved fat out of your system.

The treatment is not painful and the only thing we ask you to do is drink lots of water during the duration of your sessions as you might suffer a headache if your liver dehydrates.

As an average, 4 sessions and a colonic will see approximately2 inches drop in your waist and abdomen size!

Sports Injury Massage

Our experienced sports injury masseur can advise and resolve your back, neck and leg pains and offer advice on how to keep your body, muscles and joints working properly

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